April 2015 - Trip to Rolls Royce

24th April 2015

Rolls Royce Workshop
Three year 5 students went to Rolls Royce on the 24' April to show our science skills to proper engineers! Throughout the trip we learnt about things the Rolls Royce Company are involved in, for example creating the engines for the air force and other cool engine powered objects. Soon after, we learnt all about what an aircraft needs to fly, for example. the lift, friction, gravity and weight.
We were asked if a scrunched up ball of paper or a flat A4 piece of paper would hit the ground first. Obviously the scrunched up one would hit the ground first because the normal piece of paper has more air resistance as there is a larger area far the air to hit.
After we learnt all of the things we needed to know about designing and building aircraft. we built our own paper ones! We needed to make sure we added shaped wings and a tail which would make sure the plane was streamlined. Before we tested out our planes we had lunch and went to the Rolls Royce museum to see the different parts of planes. Finally, we tested our planes by adding an inflated balloon, which was used to propel the plane forward along a piece of string - they all went over 5 metres! The 3 of us really enjoyed our trip to Rolls Royce.