Bloom's Taxonomy

Waycroft are now using the ideas from the philosopher Benjamin Bloom when planning and teaching. All staff will be using this scheme to develop the children’s thinking skills. This will link to our must, could, challenge success criteria where we show the children what they must do to achieve, what they could do to extend themselves and an optional challenge in every lesson. 

Benjamin Bloom explains that thinking can be different levels of difficulty. He says that the easiest thinking skills are remembering and understanding. Then it is more difficult to apply and to analyse. Finally it is most challenging to evaluate and create


In School

At Waycroft some of the tasks which the children ‘must’ do in lessons will be to remember and understand information. Then they could analyse and apply it. As a challenge they will have the opportunity to evaluate and create.

The Outcome

The new National Curriculum emphasises the importance of children really understanding what they are learning. So Blooms taxonomy will structure lessons to ensure children are thinking deeply and are confident with the curriculum content.

They will therefore be enthused and excited to reach and achieve challenges. More children understanding and completing the challenges will guarantee that the children are secure and/or exceeding the expected learning of their year group.

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