BLP Information

BLP: Pupils at Waycroft have been taught to ‘Build their Learning Power’ for many years.  Building learning power is all about helping pupils to learn better, both in and out of school.

From Nursery to Y6 children are taught to approach their learning with confidence by practicing skills to enable them to approach tasks systematically by using different ‘learning muscles’. Research by Guy Claxton has shown that children who apply their BLP skills to the tasks they undertake can think more deeply, concentrate more effectively and enjoy their lessons more. This results in pupils achieving more highly in tests and independent activities.

Nearly all our pupils need to be prepared for careers which do not yet exist. Building Learning Power prepares youngsters better for this uncertain future by developing the skills needed to become lifelong learners. By developing the 4 R’s, Reciprocity, Reflectiveness, Resourcefulness and Resilience Waycroft children are learning to work collaboratively or independently, to persevere and have the confidence to approach new activities with enthusiasm and imagination.