Welcome to our nursery page.

We are very proud of all our children, as they have settled into nursery well, learning new routines quickly and making new friends.

Our nursery page will give details of the topics that we are going to cover, as well as photographs of children engaged in learning. We hope that this will help you to further support them at home, and encourage them to share with you all the exciting things that they do.
Important Information

Nursery starts promptly at 8.30am / 12.30pm, and it is important that children are on time, as in term 3 we will be introducing children to planning their activities at the start of each session.

P.E. is always on a Thursday, and children need to be independent taking off and putting on shoes and socks.

Children have access to the outside area every day, whatever the weather. It is important that they come with suitable clothing and footwear. Children can leave a pair of wellingtons in school. Please make sure that they are named.

We operate a simple lending library on a Tuesday and Friday. Please make sure that books are brought back on these days, as often other children are waiting to borrow them.

And last of all, please feel free to talk to us at any time. We are always here for you and your child, and together we can ensure that your child makes the most of their time in nursery.
What are we learning about this year?

In term 1 we spent time making new friends, and learning new routines. The children settled quickly, and we were able to explore the topic “I’ve got a body”, using stories, rhymes and songs as a stimulus.

This term (term 2) we are finding out about the topic “Let’s have a party”. We are finding out about how to celebrate birthdays, and about the importance of giving at Christmas. We are looking forward to performing at our Christmas sing-a-long, where we will sing songs and rhymes we have been learning.

In term 3 we are going to be thinking about animals, using a range of stories including Dear Zoo and We’re going on a bear hunt.
Term 4 will look at growth and plants. Our “See how they grow” topic will help us to find out about how seeds grow, and we will be busy growing different vegetables in our allotment. Any support from parents / carers in helping to tend our mini allotment would be greatly appreciated.

In term 5 we will be going on a hunt for creepy crawlies, using magnifying glasses to find all the wonderful wildlife in our local environment. This is always a topic that is enjoyed by the children.

Finally our year ends in term 6, exploring the many different occupations. We use stories as a starting point, and would welcome any visitors from people within our community who help others.

For more details of our topics for this year, please see our nursery topic webs.