Clubs Information

At Waycroft we have a range of after school clubs that are on offer. These are held directly after school. These clubs are provided by external providers and a charge will be made for participation in these clubs. We are also always open to suggestions of alternative clubs, which we could consider running at Waycroft.  

Clubs are voluntary but pupils who join are expected to take on the responsibility of the club membership and attend on a regular basis. If they cannot attend, please inform the office in advance so we know that your child has been collected safely from school. This is especially important if your child has been at school that day.

Pupils gain a lot from attending a club and further developing skills in relation to something they have chosen to do. They also enjoy working and playing alongside children from different classes.

Further information about clubs can be obtained from the school office. Details of clubs and activities are listed in the Clubs Timetable below.

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