Curriculum Planning Information

Waycroft’s long term plans give an overview of what is taught in each year group in each topic. Topics vary in length from one or two weeks up to two or three months. Links across the curriculum are made where they fit well. Other subjects are taught discretely. It provides a broad and balanced approach where every child can excel. Every curriculum area is valued and the basic skills of English, Maths and ICT are applied whenever it is appropriate.

Each topic begins with a launch event which stimulates a child’s thinking about the topic ahead and encourages them to think of questions they would like to answer. It is often an exciting and practical event which engages and enthuses the children to find out more.  The launch event is followed by the teacher input lessons where different activities enable the children to acquire knowledge and develop skills in relation to the topic. There is then an opportunity for individuals, pairs or groups to work independently to research areas they have chosen for themselves which they can present in a number of ways: through art or model making;  using ICT;  written projects or drama. The final part of the topic is the Celebration Event when learning from the topic is shared.
Waycroft also teaches through themed weeks which is when the whole school works on a particular theme at the same time. Currently there is Environmental Week, British Week, International Week and Text Based Week. These weeks are always extremely popular and allow pupils to become totally immersed in the focus for the week.
Waycroft, as an academy does not need to follow the National Curriculum. The decision has been made to create our own curriculum which leans heavily towards global citizenship and environmental education. The learning still has many similarities to the knowledge and skills in the National Curriculum and the National Curriculum is followed closely in Mathematics, English and Science.