Environmental Week

11th September 2018

During the first two weeks of term, the children took part in Environmental week.

Year 1 had a fantastic time on their nature hunt. They identified all the different types of trees as well as discussing their features including their leaves. They also spent time hunting for different flowers and plants.

Year 2 learnt all about animals; the children were very excited to meet Mrs French's puppy Dolorius and thought carefully about what animals need to stay happy and healthy.

Year 3 learnt all about the three different types of rocks: sedimentary, metamorphic and igneous. They then explored the school grounds to investigate how different rocks had been used to create structures and buildings. 

Year 4 explored animals and plants and how humans can have a negative and positive impact on the environment. They particularly enjoyed learning about Coral Reefs.

Year 5 spent the week investigating the life processes of living things with a special emphasis on plants. We really enjoyed sketching the seeds of different plants that we found on the school grounds. However, our highlight of the week was dissecting Fuschia flowers from Mrs. Vickers' garden. 

Year 6 explored our outside environment and painted pictures of visions through a hedge. We then identified features of flowers and spent time looking at the jobs they do including how green plants make their own food through the process of photosynthesis. 

We have had an excellent start to the term. Come and check out our learning on the displays in the hall.