February 2015 - Ghost Story Evening

3rd February 2015

The library was transformed into a graveyard as the setting for our Ghost Stories Evening on February 3rd 2015.
Children from Years 5 and 6 were met at reception by a lamp bearing zombie (who turned out to be Mr. Pritchard!) and taken past projected images of ghosts to the library door. They were given the option to either turn back or break through the ‘Warning – Do Not Enter’ tape that sealed the door.
Foolishly, they chose to continue...
The darkness and spooky atmosphere created a feeling of unease as Mrs Anstee read the first ghost story. To lighten the mood the children transformed their partner into a mummy.
After another spooky story (and lots of tapping on windows) it was time for some refreshments. The children enjoyed pizza, spider cakes, nibbles and could choose between two drinks ‘witches blood’ or ‘goblins wee’. Yuk!
We then transformed some of the children into hideous monsters and told some very cringe worthy spooky jokes. All too soon it was time to go home. Bedtime was looming...but how many slept soundly...?
With many thanks to Mrs Morse, Mr Pritchard and Mrs James for all their help and enthusiasm.