Hooke Court Camp

19th October 2018

The children had a fantastic time on camp. On the first day they constructed shelters using items they found in the forests surrounding Hooke Court. In the evening, we all enjoyed toasted marshmallows and a sing song around the camp fire. 
After a good night's sleep and a hearty breakfast, the children donned their Victorian outfits and spent the day learning about what it was like to be a child during the 19th century. They practised their handwriting using a quill and ink, polished brass and sewed their very own bookmarks. As well as experiencing how Victorian servants washed the clothes of their employers, the children had fun playing Victorian games such as skipping and hula-hooping. In the evening, a Victorian feast was served to us by some very well mannered children who ensured we had everything required to enjoy a tasty dinner. Following this, the children were enthusiastic to take part in a dance under the chandeliers. The boys bravely asked the awaiting girls to write them on their dance cards and learnt some tricky steps before heading to the dance floor. All the children were great sports and participated with eagerness. 
Camp went out with a bang with rocket building taking place on  our final morning. All the children were much quieter on the coach home after an exhausting but fabulous 3 days away.