January 2015 - Making an Animation

5th January 2015

Making an Animation

In term 4 we were very lucky to have a local artist in to work with our Waycroft pupils. Duncan Mckellar studies and draws urban life, often on a scroll. To see his work, follow this link: 


Duncan worked with children from year 3 to year 6 drawing the streets of Bristol. He brought in images of streets in Stockwood all the way to the Suspension Bridge. The children carefully brought these images to life on a 10 metre scroll using pencils and colouring pencils. Meanwhile some children drew vehicles, people and birds which could be moved across the scroll during the animation.

Once completed the artist put the scroll on his special winding machine and videoed it as it moved while the children moved their vehicles, people and birds along it. 

To view the completed scroll animation, follow this link:  


Well done to all of the children who helped to create this effective piece of art which represents our community and the city of Bristol.