January 2017 - AIM Computing Event

25th January 2017

Marley, Kody and Yihan from Year 3 attended a Computing event at West Town Lane with Mrs Geen.

The children had four challenges to complete :-

Challenge 1 was to assemble a Lego We Do model. Challenge 2 was to assemble a computer – they weren’t given one! – with a Raspberry Pi, monitor, mouse, keyboard and cabling.

Once they had done this, challenge 3 was to open Scratch and debug a pre-existing Pong game, to make the ball move faster. Finally, challenge 4 was to attach the Lego model to the computer and add code into the Scratch game to make the model move every time the computer won.

While we were there, the children also had chance to experience VR headgear and a drone that fired missiles!