January 2022

1st January 2022

On Wednesday 19th January, year 5 visited the steam museum in Swindon, it was a great day that allowed the children to listen to experts on World War 2. They got to dress up in authentic dress while playing characters and being part of the stories being told. The stories ranged from all members of a family having different jobs before the war (carpenter, housewife and even retiree) to having to change their job in order to help the war effort (bomb maker, land army pilot). The children also got to play the part of evacuees while looking at real steam trains that would have been working during that time. As well as costumes, we looked at a variety of different artefacts from the time including gas masks (did you know babies had to wear a gas chamber rather than a mask?), adapted lamps (planes flying above couldn't see them) and ration books. Overall it was a fun and enriching trip, the year 5 pupils represented the school beautifully-well done year 5!