July 2016 - Sustainable City

1st July 2016

During the last three weeks, year 6 have had the task of becoming town planners with a brief to design and build a model of a brand new sustainable city.

Children had to think about the four main district areas (Centre, Suburbs, Outskirts and Countryside) and ensure that their city was sustainable. They were then given the opportunity to explain their city to their teacher. 

After much deliberation, it was decided that there was a draw for the winners in each class.

A big congratulations to:
• Jasmine and Darren in Invincible
• Amelia and James G in Cutty Sark
• Libby and Ella in Terra Nova.

Well done to runners up: Josh, Liam, Cally, Ollie and Chloe W.

Year 6 teachers would like to say a big thank you to all the children and parents/carers for helping to make this homework a big success, we have been very impressed with the standard of models and the knowledge of the children.