June 2015 - Debating Club

1st June 2015

Over the last year the debating club have been meeting regularly to debate some hot topics.  We recently had a debate in KS2 assembly. We discussed whether zoos should be banned. Speaking for the motion were Lacey, Danica, Sophie and Evie. Against the motion were Kole, Ben, Kieran and Issy. Addison was the chairman who introduced the debate, along with the speakers and  he opened the floor up to questions at the end of the debate. The children organised a voting system where every child in the room had a brick and then they added it to the correct voting bucket: for or against. When the votes were all in they were carefully counted and checked. The amazing results were that it was a split down the middle as the votes for banning zoos were 110 and the votes against banning schools were 112. That shows how convincing both sides were with their arguments! 
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