June 2015 - Kwick Cricket

1st June 2015

12 of the Waycroft pupils went to the cricket tournament at Broomhill School.
Amazingly Abigail Mills and Lewis Clatworthy unselfishly volunteered to star in an All Stars team.
Waycroft's first game was against Hillcreast, we batted first and got 260 runs! Hillcreast got 198 runs (we started on 200) we managed to get 9 wickets but on the other hand Hillcreast got 4 runs.
The next game that we played was another win when we were against Broomhill Juniors; they took 1 wicket and we bowled 4 wickets (They had 269 runs when we got 271).
After that match we played Holymead and we won 217-276 .
The next match we played Wicklea, they batted first and they got 243, then we got 272 a smashing score!
Our last match was against the All Stars. It was a tough match but we were able to get a win with 275 to 250.
All of the teams had done great. We had an amazing time.