June 2015 - Maths AIM Day 2015

24th June 2015

On Wednesday 24th June 4 year 6 children were invited to take part in a Maths Aim Day at Wicklea School alongside a number of other schools.

The morning was spent competing in a number of different Maths challenges and investigations. Our team started off very strongly and it was obvious that ourselves and Holymead primary were competing for the top spot. The team consistently tried their best right through to the final challenge working brilliantly as a team and utilising all their individual strengths. The results were kept a closely guarded secret until the end of the day.
After lunch, the children were mixed into different groups and were tasked with making a Marble Roller coaster. The materials available were straws, cardboard, paper cups, masking tape  and paper. Each group were tasked with making a roller coaster that was at least 25cm tall, with 2 bends and a section that climbed up. It was inspirational to watch children who have never met before come together and share their ideas, listen and respects others ideas and collaborate to build some fantastic roller coasters. There was so much excitement as we all watched each groups test run to see whose met all the criteria.
Finally, it was time to bid goodbye but not before we found out who the Challenge Champions were. There was one point that separated 1st and 2nd...was it us? Yes it was. CONGRATULATIONS to our team of Mathematicians you were brilliant and thoroughly deserved top spot. You should all be very proud of the way you represented Waycroft.
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