June 2017 - Sponsorship with BrunelCare

8th June 2017

Proud to sponsor Waycroft Academy sports, bringing generations together in our local community

Brunelcare are proud to support Waycroft Academy sport teams by sponsoring their new sportswear.

We also hope that this link between Brunelcare and Waycroft Academy helps us develop a closer working relationship. Both organisations serve their local community in significant ways and already share many links through the people we support.

Brunelcare are renowned as a provider of high quality housing, care and support for older people in Bristol and the South West region. For over 75 years we have been at the forefront of developing ways for people to stay as independent as possible, creating great communities to live, work and enjoy being in. Our services meet peoples’ needs, providing value for money, without compromising on quality. We are widely recognised for our expertise and excellence in caring for people living with dementia, and supporting their families. Our staff are passionate about what we do and strive to make a positive difference to peoples’ lives

Several parents of children at Waycroft Academy work for Brunelcare, and will confirm that we offer a great range of job opportunities to people within the area.

In the immediate vicinity of Waycroft Academy we have a nursing home called Robinson House situated in Sturminster Road and we also have three ‘independent living’ housing sites located in and around Stockwood, with plans for another care home to be developed in the locality in a few years’ time.

We have enjoyed working with Waycroft Academy in many ways over the years. More recently our residents and staff have valued the Waycroft Academy choir joining in with and performing at our Carol Service.

We look forward to developing closer links with the Waycroft Academy community and wish the sport teams every success!


Please have a look at Brunelcare's website and see what they are doing for the community


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