Living and Learning Together

Living and Learning together is the school Mission Statement. The Waycroft Academy community very much believe that we are a team of adults and children who are all on a learning journey. We share the excitement of achieving and learning new things. We all have different strengths, interests and things we find difficult, because of this we believe passionately that Waycroft will deliver a broad and balanced curriculum and a range of clubs and enrichment activities. Please let us know if your child has a particular strength or interest that we can help nurture and share.

Below is a poem written by a group of teachers whilst in their first year of teaching at Waycroft which reflects their understanding of ‘Living and Learning Together’.

Look after our environment

Involve ourselves in the community

Value each other

Incredible nutritious meals

Never forget our rights and responsibilities

Gain confidence from praise


Live a healthy lifestyle

Enjoy our learning

Achieve the best we can

Recognise each other’s achievements

Nurture our talents

Improve ourselves always

New initiatives

Give support to those who need it