Message from lead

Our school motto is “Living and learning together” and this includes learning about ourselves and others. Over the course of their education, children spend over 7,800 hours at school. With such a huge amount of time spent in the classroom, Waycroft are committed to providing an ideal learning environment for promoting good emotional wellbeing and identifying early behaviour changes and signs of mental distress. The social and emotional skills, knowledge and behaviours that young people learn in the classroom can help them to build resilience and set the pattern for how they will manage their mental health throughout their lives. Alongside this focus, we promote growth mindset strategies along with focussing on our BLP (Building Learning Power) resilience and persevering skills. Emotional wellbeing is a clear indicator of academic achievement, success and satisfaction in later life and Waycroft will endeavour to help every child achieve to their full potential.

To complement our passion for positive mental health and commitment to the wellbeing of our children, staff and stakeholders, we have dedicated to the new Wellbeing Award for Schools. It is an award that recognises a school’s efforts to promote and protect positive emotional wellbeing and mental health education and support. The award requires us to develop an action plan to consciously recognise what we currently do and offer additional opportunities to support and promote mental health and wellbeing. At the beginning of the process we asked you to complete a survey, along with both children and staff completing one as well. This gave us a good foundation about our strengths and areas of development, which we have been working to improve. We have established a “Change Team”, which consists of children and myself to discuss and address areas in need. I am leading the process and we would like some parental involvement to aid us in this process. If you would like to help us in any way or have some ideas on what could help the school and the community, please contact myself, or the appropriate member of staff, on the school number (0117 377 2198) or email the school on:

Mr A Howells

Assistant Head of School