School Aims

The Aims of Waycroft Academy, Wicklea Academy and Woodlands Academy

It is the aim of Waycroft MAT schools to:

  •          Create a safe, happy and caring learning environment where individuals realise their full potential in line with the UNCRC
  •          Teach the importance of courtesy, good manners, self-discipline and respect for others including when working together
  •          Teach respect for religious and moral values with an understanding of all races, religions and ways of life in an increasingly multicultural society
  •          Teach and encourage an enjoyment of reading
  •          Teach written and spoken communication skills
  •          Develop questioning in order to extend learning
  •          Develop knowledge and understanding of mathematical concepts
  •          Develop an interest and understanding of technology and its applications
  •          Develop a curiosity through problem solving
  •          Promote an interest in all aspects of the world
  •          Develop an appreciation of creativity and an ability to express feelings
  •          Teach recreational games and encourage a positive attitude towards health and physical fitness
  •          Develop an understanding of people as individuals with their own strengths and weaknesses
  •          Encourage children to focus on doing their best as opposed to being the best and to recognise and celebrate the achievements of others
  •          Develop a caring attitude toward the environment and the ability to think globally and act locally including within the local community.