School Council Information

The school council at Waycroft Academy enables the pupils to have a voice. It is made up of 28 children (4 representatives from Year 1 to Year 4 and 6 from years 5 & 6) and is led by Miss Leach and Mrs Maxwell. The councillors are voted in by their peers at the beginning of the academic year, after they have presented their election aims to the class.

The school council carry out many roles throughout the year, as they are selected to represent the school on a variety of occasions, but their main responsibility is to complete campaigns that will make a difference to the whole school. Promotional leaflets and an assembly accompany each campaign in order to raise awareness of the current issues; examples include promoting e-safety, supporting the introduction of free range play and anti-bullying. 


Councilors 2016 - 2017

Year 1

Year 2
Year 3
Year 4
Year 5
Year 6
Anti Bullying Leaflets
Christmas Fair

The School Councillors chose to run a stall at the Christmas Fair this year and worked very hard to make a selection of beautiful Christmas tree decorations. Many thanks to Leanne, Jasmine and Tin for volunteering to run the stall. The profits from the sale will be used to fund a School Council led charitable event in the Summer term.
Lunchtime Play Equipment

During our school council meetings the children discussed the kinds of play equipment they would like to buy to use at lunchtimes, remembering to contribute ideas that had been suggested at recent class council meetings. They invited Mr Ryan, one of our play leaders, to a meeting to talk through their 'wish list' and helped him to devise a list of the most popular items.

The School Council team then proudly presented the new equipment to the rest of the school during assemblies and clearly explained how to use the equipment and also how to look after it.