School Council 2020/21

The school council at Waycroft Academy enables the pupils to have a voice. It is made up of 24 children (4 representatives from each year) and is led by Mrs Maxwell. The councillors are voted in by their peers at the beginning of the academic year, after they have presented their election aims to the class.

The school council carry out many roles throughout the year, as they are selected to represent the school on a variety of occasions, but their main responsibility is to complete campaigns that will make a difference to the whole school. The children use the 'Pupil Voice Self Evaluation Form' to inform their ideas for campaigns and also build links within the community.

October 2020 - each class conducted a democratic vote to choose two children who would represent the pupils’ view at our school. Those selected by their peers were: 

Year 1

Pinta: Elodie and Frankie

Nina: Freddie and Sienna


Year 2

Mayflower: Noah and Maisie

Matthew: Leo and Keira


Year 3

Ark Royal: Chad and Holly

Discovery: James N, Lacey SH


Year 4

QEII: Christopher and Kmara

Endeavour: Elia and Sawyer


Year 5

Britannia: Logan and Renae

Gypsy Moth: Jenson and Lilly


Year 6

SSGB: Aliviya-Anais and Harry

Cutty Sark: Logan F and Izzy G


The councillor's have held a meeting in their classes to find out the favourite ways in which Waycroft pupils’ have fun - this is always important but especially now! The top ideas have been collated to create a leaflet that is being put up in classes and is attached to the newsletter with some ideas for half term activities the children can do at home. 

This is going to be an unusual year to be a school councillor, as they can’t have their traditional meetings, but we will find projects that they can work on to influence things within school and to help their friends stay happy, healthy and safe.