School Council Meeting Minutes

School Council Meeting               Date:   7.2.20


Councillors present:




Year 1

Max and Maisie

Ollie D and Alanah

Year 2

Jack and Belle

Skye and Bobby

Year 3

Lois and Max

Amelie and Gabe


Year 5 

Logan T and Aliyah

Macey and Ollie

Year 6

Mia S and Elliott R

Melody and Amelie 


Year 4:

Jacob M and Amy C.

Taylor and Jodie





  1. Discuss our class council meetings:
  • Some children were aware of this month’s value.
  • Children know to look on the list in their classrooms to find out what the value if the month is.
  • MAT values were discussed during class council meetings in Y2, Britannia and Nina. Also Endeavour but no notes saved.


  1. Decide on actions to raise awareness of the MAT values among the children:
  • Children felt that a whole school display in the hall would be useful. I explained that Miss Craig is in the process of organising some artwork to illustrate our MAT values.
  • Children would like some kind of recognition to praise and encourage use of the MAT values. They suggested a certificate in each class per week, with an explanation of what the child did and how this demonstrated the value of the month.
  • School Council will create a set of posters to illustrate each value to be displayed in each classroom and changed monthly. Mrs Maxwell to organise a time for the children to work on this.




Next meeting: 20.3.20