Waycroft Library

The Library is open at 12:10 - 1:00 for years 3 & 4 on Thursdays and 12:10 - 1:00 for years 5 & 6 on Fridays.

KS1 have weekly slots, when classes visit the library, to share their love of reading.

Children are encouraged to borrow resources from the Library to take home. It is well stocked with both fiction and non-fiction books, DVDs, share sacks, story sacks, dress up bags, audio CDs and games.

Over the years we have been delighted to welcome some inspirational authors, including Michael Morpurgo, Nick Sharratt, Linda Chapman, Jeremy Strong, Jeanne Willis and Huw Powell.

In the KS1 playground, we have a Book Ark. The Book Ark is full of beautiful books that the children can read or share in their lunch breaks during the summer months - a chance to delight in books outdoors.

Space and Sci-fi Library Event

To continue with our genre themed events we held a Space and Sci-fi evening for Years 5 and 6 in the Library.

Children watched a clip of Chris Hadfield from the International Space Station. He explained how astronauts are unable to have a sandwich for lunch but do enjoy the next best thing available – tortillas. We noticed that all the filling ingredients were secured using Velcro to avoid them floating away. So we made some too. There were forfeits for anyone who allowed the ingredients to float away by not securing them.

Keeping to the food theme, Miss Morse showed the children some plates of de-hydrated food, challenging them to identify the flavours. They were then re-hydrated. Did they guess correctly? Mostly – although the Smash potato proved tricky. Apparently it was delicious and consequently soon demolished!

We were delighted to welcome author Huw Powell along for the evening. He read from his amazing book ‘Spacejackers’. The children were engrossed as they listened. Later he asked for suggestions for their own space character and produced a wonderful illustration in front of their eyes.
Miss Dennis used the green screen to film children floating in space. The footage, along with a video of Huw Powell’s illustration as a time lapse, can be seen by clicking here.

Many thanks to Miss Dennis and Miss Morse for their contribution in making this a very enjoyable evening.

Fantasy and Magic Evening Event

In order to introduce children from Year 1 and 2 to the genres, we held a ‘Fantasy and Magic’ Evening Event in the Library. Children were invited to return to school in costume to enjoy a fantasy story and some magical fun. Our very own magician, The Stupendous Mr. P. amazed the children with his flaming wallet trick. After a story, the children made their very own magic wallet trick to take home and concocted potions from some very odd sounding ingredients. Refreshments were served and there was just enough time for some more magic from Mr. P. before home time.

Bath Children's Literature Festival Y1

Year 1 went on a trip to the Bath Children's Literature Festival on Friday September 25th to see Julia Donaldson perform stories and songs from some of her many books. The children enjoyed joining in and some even had the chance to join Julia on stage. Even Mr.Pritchard got the opportunity to play the part of the farmer in 'What the Ladybird Heard'.

Ghost Stories Evening

The library was transformed into a graveyard as the setting for our Ghost Stories Evening on February 3rd 2015.

Children from Years 5 and 6 were met at reception by a lamp bearing zombie (who turned out to be Mr. Pritchard!) and taken past projected images of ghosts to the library door. They were given the option to either turn back or break through the ‘Warning – Do Not Enter’ tape that sealed the door.
Foolishly, they chose to continue...

The darkness and spooky atmosphere created a feeling of unease as Mrs Anstee read the first ghost story. To lighten the mood the children transformed their partner into a mummy.
After another spooky story (and lots of tapping on windows) it was time for some refreshments. The children enjoyed pizza, spider cakes, nibbles and could choose between two drinks ‘witches blood’ or ‘goblins wee’. Yuk!

We then transformed some of the children into hideous monsters and told some very cringe worthy spooky jokes. All too soon it was time to go home. Bedtime was looming...but how many slept soundly...?

With many thanks to Mrs Morse, Mr Pritchard and Mrs James for all their help and enthusiasm.

World Book Day

To celebrate World Book Day and in order to give out the Bookstart packs, Nursery children were treated to a story session from Roxanne Lewington. Roxanne is from the Chidren's Team at the Schools Library Service. To celebrate our favourite books, children came to school dressed as a book character or in their bedclothes, as if ready for a bedtime story.