Covid Pupil Wellbeing

Many of you are still home educating some, or even all, of your children, whilst other children have been in school all through Lockdown.
Home schooling can be a challenge in itself:  Some parents and carers are juggling their own work from home, others are juggling having children home with going out to work, others may have been furloughed or are shielding.
These continue to be challenging times.  We are all in the same Covid storm, but our boats, our experiences, vary.
Some have had no choice but to keep sending their key worker children to school, whilst others have felt the right decision for their family is for children to be back in school already.
For all, though, the time will come (or has come) when a return to school is inevitable.  Dr Mary Stanley-Duke, a local Educational Psychologist, has recorded some videos on YouTube to help parents and carers during this time, which you may be interested in.  The topics so far are :
Even all these weeks into lockdown (I have lost count of how long it is, and am just about remembering which day it is!) I find that I am processing things much more slowly than usual, forgetting words that I need and things are taking more time and energy than usual.
I encourage you:  be kind to yourselves, be kind to each other, and please be in touch if we can support you in any other way.
Mrs Farrow