You may be aware the Government is providing schools with additional ‘Pupil Premium’ funding for each child that currently receives, (or has in the past received) Free School Meals (FSM), children who have a parent/carer in the services, children who have been adopted from care or children in care. These children are listed by Waycroft as ‘EVER6’ children, and for the duration of their primary years the school will be given above the usual sums of money to support their education. If you think you might qualify for Free School Meals please see a member of the administrative team to apply so this funding can be accessed for your child.

Waycroft Governors and senior leaders have determined how Waycroft Academy Pupil Premium/EVER6 grant will be spent. We currently use the funding in the following ways: to provide a breakfast each day free of charge at our Breakfast Club (8.00am to 8.45am daily); to provide financial support for residential camps in Yrs. 2, 4 and 6; to provide 1to1 tutor and mentoring support as required; to provide a high level of Teaching Assistant support in classrooms to improve intervention work and ensure the level of challenge stretches children academically. Further details of how Waycroft uses Pupil Premium funding and the impact it has can be found on this website in the Pupil Premium Report.
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