Ofsted, wrote in their report about Waycroft that, ‘year after year, children who started school with a broadly average range of abilities go on to achieve exceptionally high academic and personal standards’. This was published following our last OFSTED inspection in 2007. Since then standards have improved even further with our data showing that our pupils not only attain high results but make well above average progress whilst at Waycroft. Please follow the links below to see the Department for Education’s league tables and the school’s own tracking of KS1(Y2) and KS2 (Y6) targets and results. If you would like any further explanation regarding achievement of Waycroft please contact the school directly.

From 2016 onwards the children in Y2 and Y6 are tested under a new system. The assessments are a mixture of tests and teacher assessments which make judgements about children’s attainment in Reading, Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar, Writing, Maths and Science. Pupils are assessed against the new expectations which are identified in the 2014 National Curriculum. Instead of levels, children are identified as not reaching national expectations, reaching national expectations or working at greater depth. At Key Stage 2 the tests result in every child being given a ‘scaled score’. A score of 100 means they have reached national expectations, 110 or above is working at greater depth. A score lower than 100 means they have not yet met the national standard for their age group. The scaled scores range from 80 to 120. For more details follow the link, ‘information about testing from 2016’.